I Wrote Something No One Read. Again.

Gosh, it’s fun to be invisible.

The Writing Wombat
1 min readAug 22, 2022

Photo by Geoffroy Hauwen on Unsplash

Early this morning, I wrote a little essay about the time I broke my face. No one read it. Literally no one. I deleted it.

I left Medium about a month ago because nearly no one was reading anything I wrote. And it was very depressing, especially given that I live with chronic depression and self-esteem you can fit in a thimble. But I thought maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. So I came back.

Nope, I wasn’t wrong.

Yeah, I’m done. Really, truly done. If I want to feel like shit about myself, I certainly don’t need Medium. My brain does that for me all the fucking time.

Sorry to my 622 followers. You should probably unfollow me now since this is the last thing I’m ever going to write. Anywhere.

At least I can uninstall Grammarly now.

The Writing Wombat

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